Innovative Rasoparete Systems


Innovative RasoParete Systems.

We all dream of adapting our environments to the dimensions and the needs of modern life.

Our concealed solutions are designed to satisfy any design requirements and represent excellent tools for customizing your projects, offering the magnificent aesthetic result of exalting the space on its own.

With a range of products that are composed like a lego to guarantee flexibility of shapes, types and dimensions, Sistemi RasoParete gives the possibility to exploit, distribute, make functional, modify and refine any space in infinite different ways. Creating environments sought in detail, with minimal design and high stage content, has never been so easy.


RasoParete Systems are aimed at those who want to offer innovative and customizable solutions, because it allows endless aesthetic solutions, thanks also to the possibility of being coated with any type of material.

RasoParete is a patented system, unique for masonry and plasterboard, of total wire-wall doors that eliminates jambs and cable covers, creating absolute continuity between door and wall.
From the shapes and dimensions desired, the system uses movements with retractable steel hinges adjustable on the three axes or vertical pivot rotating on steel axial bearings.
The jamb in both the push and pull versions is 100 mm and houses the gasket. The thickness of the door is 52 mm and is fitted as standard with a magnetic lock.

With the Combi system you can close compartments without dimensional limits, combining any opening system with each other.

An infinite combination of doors, doors, drawers, chests of drawers, crystal walls, completely integrated into disappearing, in various shapes and sizes; able to transform multiple environments into a single space.
Original systems, for walls and plasterboard, which can be used to make functional and personalized home corners.
Through various technical solutions of Sistemi Raso Parete it is possible to obtain both vertical and horizontal openings, and not only, both on walls and ceilings.

In addition, the strength of the profiles used allows the construction of large structures, such as walk-in closets, pantries.
Installation is easy and quick to implement.